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Epidata, through its Investigation, Development and Innovation area (I+D+i), boosts projects  that promote the collaboration between Academy and Industry. Managing to apply the knowledge of experts from the Academy in the solution of real problems of the software industry, strengthening the capacity for growth of the sector in Argentina and, in turn, giving the Academy the knowledge of the experience of the industry.

On every project that Epidata works on, the goal of collaboration is to build innovative tools that reduce the cost of value added tasks in Software development and provide support to the most important ones in the process of Software Engineering, in order to achieve that advanced analysis techniques and source code are put into game, Software visualisation techniques, techniques of natural language processing (NLP), profiling and analysis at run time techniques, among others.

At the present time, Epidata is working on one of its projects in collaboration with the LaFHIS laboratory of FCEyn of Buenos Aires University (UBA), which aims to provide a solution to the referents from our clients’ Architecture and Design areas, so that they can identify, infer and analyze the architecture of their applications being assessed. Secondary objectives include support for the analysis of the use of resources (architectural components or connectors) that support the core business, which in case of being saturated can endanger the continuity of the business.

Adrián AnacletoCeo of Epidata

In general, the most interesting aspects about an application are related to components and connectors that make up one of the parts of software architecture; it is through the analysis of these components and connectors that points of interest for architects can be identified.

The tool developed by Epidata together with LaFHIS of Buenos Aires University (UBA) FCEyn, allows for an analysis of the components and connectors of an architecture, identifying elements and analyzing its flow of information, taking a key role of assistance for architects and developers at the time of analyzing a Software Architecture, getting this way a greater understanding about the quality attributes: performance, availability, scalability, etc.

About LaFHIS

The laboratory of Fundamentals and Tools for Software Engineering (LaFHIS) is located at the computing Department of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. Its greatest interest is in the use of automated techniques. LaFHIS.


About Epidata

Epidata is an American Multinational Software Architecture Oriented Company that provides high performance software development solutions in less time with lower risk than Organizations can accomplish on their own.

It has a proven track record of successfully supporting Multi-National Corporations like Turner International, HSBC, Verizon and Walmart since 2003. It helps them update and maintain their core applications as well as migrate to new Technologies resulting in annual cost reductions of 20% while doubling Project Team productivity. Epidata is open source and agile by definition.